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  • Global challenges are best addressed globally. Many market participants estimate that Emerging Markets (EMs) require trillions of dollars in order to invest in infrastructure and transform th…


  • ARC’s Approach to Market Risk
    A credit rating typically focuses on analysing credit risk components of issuers and financial instruments. The market ris…

  • Mobile data consumption per user and fixed data consumption per household are projected to significantly grow over the next 6 years. To address the anticipated surge in demand for telecommuni…

One of the key benefits of securitisation transactions for financial institutions is to transfer credit risk associated with a portfolio of assets by packaging them and transferring a large portion…

  • In recent years, the global shipping industry has been subject to a number of economic events that had an unprecedented impact on supply and demand within the market. The dynamic nature of th…

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environment and sustainabiliity

Gain additional understanding through thought-provoking research related to the rapidly growing Environment and Sustainability sector.


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