ARC Ratings Announces the Launch of ARC Analytics

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London, 21 February 2024 – ARC Ratings are pleased to announce the launch of ARC Analytics, a separate company that provides complimentary access to a suite of analytical tools to support market participants in their risk analysis, across various asset classes. ARC Ratings and now ARC Analytics are both part of ARC Risk Group.

Breaking barriers, all current ARC Analytics products are now freely accessible without any paywall, fostering seamless collaboration among finance professionals. Whether working solo or in teams, there are no user limits per company on our user-friendly platform. ARC Analytics has a suite of products now available on

  •  The Cash Flow Simulator: Runs comprehensive scenario analysis to assess the ability of a structured finance transaction to fulfil the required liability payments.
  • The Portfolio Risk Calculator: Assesses the default risk of a portfolio of loans, typically used for the asset side analysis of a structured finance transaction.
  • The Banking Risk Tool: Evaluates the credit risk of banks and other financial institutions with details around the key underlying drivers.
  • The Insurance Risk Tool: Performs detailed analysis on the credit risk of insurers with details around the key underlying drivers.

To find out more about the ARC Analytics offering or to book a live demonstration of the platform, please contact Sachin Rajput at

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ARC Ratings Announces the Launch of ARC Analytics

21 Feb 2024

Business Development

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