What is ARC HUB?

ARC HUB is a complimentary platform that offers a digital and interactive experience, providing real time access to ARC’s tools, across various asset classes as well as providing historical and current transaction data – all available at your fingertips and on the go.

ARC HUB is available without subscription to all users, globally. As we seek to grow financial inclusion, our tools do not appear behind a paywall, but rather are freely available to all.

ARC’s Portfolio Risk Calculator is the first analytical tool launched on ARC HUB, with further tools to be added over the coming 12 months. The Portfolio Risk Calculator assesses the default risk of a portfolio by way of a Monte Carlo Simulation, under a Gaussian copula framework and is primarily (but not exclusively) used for ARC’s CLO ratings. The tool enables users to upload their own portfolios, make asset level and portfolio level assumptions and/or apply stresses to correlations, default probabilities and recovery rates.

In addition, our Transaction Hub contains current and historical global structured finance transactions and provides an interactive user experience to search for transaction across all asset classes.