Vision, mission and values

Our Vision

To be recognised as a world class Rating Agency by clients and peers in our business sectors. Acknowledging the rapid expansion of technology, we aim to build best-in-class process and data usage to enable us to make faster and more accurate assessments of our clients’ relative risk. We aim to partner with our clients, utilising our global reach to ensure that we understand both global and local dynamics.

Our Mission

To deliver global benchmark quality credit ratings, commentary and research by working with our clients’ businesses constructively to evaluate their credit risk, whilst offering an independent and objective assessment to investors. ARC Ratings is dedicated to improving the risk/reward decision-making capabilities of investors globally, while allowing issuers to access capital markets at premiums commensurate with their objectively assessed credit risk.

Our values


Our aim is to produce honest and transparent ratings that are driven by our analysts’ deep subject matter understanding of the market, product and clients.


Our criteria clearly define our approach to ratings. These are all enveloped in our strong governance and control culture.


Our company is built around a strong purpose to provide independent, reliable ratings. It is our diverse, high quality staff however that implement this on a day to day basis.


Strong governance protects our analytical responsibilities from our commercial activities and guarantees that our ratings are not affected by any existing or potential conflict of interest or business relationships.