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  • ECAI: ARC Ratings is accredited as an External Credit Assessment Institutions (ECAI), and hence can be used for capital relief purposes under the standardised and ratings based approach, as well as under Solvency II.
  • ESMA: ARC Ratings was registered by the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) effective 26th August 2011.
  • FCA: ARC Ratings Limited was registered by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) effective 1st January 2021.


  • Fit for Purpose Methodologies: ARC Ratings has major methodologies covering structured finance, corporates and financial institutions.  Besides standard sectors, ARC Ratings has methodologies in innovative asset classes such as Equity Release Mortgages and Non Performing Loans to cite a few. 
  • €100Bn+ of Structured Finance cumulatively rated: ARC Ratings has developed a strong expertise in many Structured Finance asset classes, delivering value through its private and public rating services to companies across the world.
  • Major Provider of Private Ratings: Although ARC Ratings has a number of public ratings, many companies have reached out for its Private Rating in Corporates, Funds, Project Finance, Financial Institutions and Structured Finance.


  • Seasoned Analysts: ARC Rating Analysts have 10+ years average experience from multiple credit rating agencies and in the financial sector.
  • Multiple Locations: ARC Ratings is headquartered in London with its main EU office in Lisbon, as well as additional staff strategically placed in numerous other locations, such as Milan, Barcelona, Vilnius, as well as in South Africa.


  • 1998: Companhia Portuguesa de Rating, S.A. (“CPR”) began its operations and was primarily focused on domestic corporate ratings in Portugal.
  • 2013: CPR was rebranded ARC Ratings, which was initially established by a consortium of Credit Rating Agencies operating in Asia, Africa, Europe and South America (CARE from India, GCR from South Africa, MARC from Malaysia, SR Rating from Brazil).
  • 2015: ARC Ratings strategy evolved from the initial consortium to a main shareholder structure, focused on becoming an alternative global rating agency providing top credit solutions to both domestic and global customers.

what makes us different


Following the Financial Crisis of 2008/9, several regulatory bodies requested deeper and broader competition from smaller agencies. ARC Ratings’ growth over the past 10 years has been a direct response to this key regulatory ask, providing another independent voice for both issuers and investors.


We are equipped to provide global coverage for our clients via our experienced and seasoned analysts and a wealth of “fit for purpose” methodologies. This capability allows us to cover the global requests of our clients, from London to Johannesburg and New York to Milan; all with speed and nimbleness.


Traditional Credit Rating Agency charges can be onerous. ARC Ratings’ lean overheads and efficient business processes allow us to price our services competitively. These factors combine to ensure all transactions, regardless of size, are always affordable yet without any compromise in the quality of our analytical approach.


ARC Ratings’ dynamic approach to modern working methods and client-driven processes is built upon a commitment to enabling you to benefit from cutting edge, industry leading technology. We believe that technology empowers decision making, that data is a key commodity and that bringing these together leads to smarter risk analysis.

we work


We believe in drawing from the expertise derived from a team built on a variety of professional backgrounds. Our foundation is built around experienced analysts, many of whom have joined us from the largest CRAs in the industry. In order to better understand our clients and their requirements, we complement this pool of deeply experienced analysts with professionals from banking backgrounds, all of whom have previously been customers of CRA services. Combining these experiences we bring together industry best practice whilst beginning to address some of the legacy issues the industry has previously faced.


With a strong belief in “subject matter expertise”, we encourage our analysts to utilise their diverse sector experiences when assessing risk. With a rapidly changing technology environment, a large volume of available data and increased regulation and controls, we equip and enable our analysts to deliver a clear and transparent approach in line with our methodologies.


We demand that our output be honest and fair ratings, which investors, banks, companies and individuals can rely on. In addition to our team of industry experts, we have the highest levels of governance and controls which act as natural safeguards to our ratings. Our Board of Directors are deeply experienced with a wide range of market and industry knowledge to help guide the direction of the company.


We ensure maximum exposure and marketing potential for all public ratings we accord via our partnership with Bloomberg. Our continued work with investors and our increased profile, as evidenced by peer-nominated industry awards, along with the necessary ECAI, FCA and ESMA accreditation, provide an economically viable strategy for our clients to attract the key investors.