YORK 2019-1 CLO DAC - Tranche B

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London, 4 August 2022 – ARC Ratings (UK) Limited (ARC) affirms the final, long-term public rating of ‘AAA(sf)’ assigned to Tranche A and concurrently upgrades the final, long-term public rating accorded to Tranche B, to ‘AAA(sf)’ from ‘AA(sf)’, Tranche C, to ‘AA(sf)’ from ‘A+(sf)’, and Tranche D, to ‘A(sf)’ from ‘BBB(sf)’; all with stable outlook. The rated Tranches are of the Credit Protection Deed provided by York 2019-1 CLO DAC to Santander UK PLC (‘Santander’).

The above ratings relate to the credit risk the protection seller is exposed to on the Reference Portfolio.

Full information about this issuer can be accessed here.


YORK 2019-1 CLO DAC: press release

4 Aug 2022



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